WarpForge Limited (Aug 2018 – Present)
Unity C# Developer/Robotics Simulations Analyst
Unity development and robotics simulations analysis for an advanced 3D manufacturing enterprise set to disrupt the global market. Details currently under NDA.

Duties include:

      • Management of the Software team (scheduling, direction, technical processes, standards)
      • Unity game engine development (3D and VR)
      • Developing C# code, architecture and frameworks for all systems
      • Integrating Unity clients with backend systems/databases via MQTT
      • Integrating real-time data (two-way) from live robotics PLCs via ADS
      • Initialising and contributing to discussions on technical best practices and workflows
      • Liaising with mechanical engineering and production departments
      • Improving visuals, user interfaces and general user experience of applications

St John Ambulance WA (Dec 2017 – Aug 2018)
Lead VR/AR Developer
Lead the development of their world-first consumer VR first aid experience, and cross-platform port to mobile devices, using the Unity game engine.

Duties included:

      • Lead the Unity/C# development for a cross-platform VR and mobile solution with a world-first combination of hardware and first aid interaction design
      • Managed the development and technical production from end to end
      • Prototyped with cutting-edge technologies, hardware and concepts
      • Contributed to critical discussions and planning for content design and customer journeys
      • Liaised with internal and external key stakeholders

TheBroth / Tap Slots (Aug 2016 – Dec 2017)
Unity Gameplay Engineer
Frontend mobile game development using the Unity game engine. Key project was a mobile game (iOS, Android, Amazon) with thousands of daily active users.

Was the Lead Gameplay Engineer for the following core gameplay features:

      • FTUE
      • Daily Rewards
      • Virtual Purchases
      • Stickers
      • Quests
      • Upgrades
      • Achievements
      • Player Segmentation / Special Offers

Duties included:

      • Unity game engine development
      • C# programming and architecture
      • 2D interface art, development and animations
      • Providing critical feedback on usability, aesthetics, user experience and conversion
      • Discussions and writing of technical workflow standards and best practices
      • Bug-fixing and quality assurance
      • Competitor, market and industry research

Sentient Computing (Jul 2010 – Aug 2016)
3D Software Developer
Worked with the Unity game engine to create interactive 3D applications for use in training and simulations, remote operations and real-time data visualisation. Clients were primarily in the Mining & Resources industries.

Key achievements:

      • Developed over 20 deployed projects, with key clients including Woodside and Rio Tinto
      • Managed projects in the value of hundreds of thousands of AUD
      • Involved in all aspects of client pipeline including initial meetings, quoting, design, feedback cycles and delivery
      • Developed a re-usable training framework for more efficient production
      • Created the foundations of our Quality Assurance workflow
      • Re-designed the Sentient branding, website and identity to a professional, modern standard
      • Lead Developer and Project Manager in a number of award-winning projects

Duties included:

      • Project management and client liaison
      • Unity game engine development
      • C# programming
      • Developing re-usable code frameworks
      • Streamlining work pipelines and standardising technical policies
      • 3D modelling, texturing, animation and rendering
      • Virtual Reality development
      • User Interface design
      • Graphics, branding and print design
      • Video editing and motion graphics
      • Website re-design and maintenance
      • Technical writing and documentation

Cell-Media (Jan 2009 – Dec 2009)
3D Modeller
Creating 3D models, animations and renders primarily for use in training and safety in the Mining & Resources industries.

Duties included:

      • 3D modelling, texturing, animation and rendering

Volunteer Experience

The Innovator’s Tea Party (Dec 2017 – Present)
STEM Mentor
Speed networking with high-school aged students, to overall increase both awareness and interest in technology fields for upcoming generations.

CoderDojo WA (May 2015 – Sep 2015)
Diversity Project Manager
Research and implementation of initiatives to attract, retrain and encourage diversity in CoderDojo WA dojos.

CoderDojo WA (Mar 2015 – Aug 2015)
Mentor (UWA)
Providing mentoring to young people aged 7-17, in coding and technology.

Speaking Experience

SAE Institute Perth (Nov 2018)
Topic: “What I Really Do” lecture series

FLUX / AtlasTrend (Nov 2018)
Panel Member
Topic: The Future of Big Data & Humanity

The Innovator’s Tea Party (Nov 2018)
Event: Inspire In 5 (Careers in STEM)

ACS (Australian Computer Society) / Microsoft (Aug 2018)
Panel Member
Topic: Women in Games

ACS (Australian Computer Society) / Microsoft (Jul 2017)
Sole Presenter
Topic: Game Development and Virtual Reality


Murdoch University (2008 – 2010)
Bachelor of Science
Major: Games Software Design & Production


Unity Technologies (Jul 2016 – Jul 2018)
Unity Certified Developer
License 20167UCD768
First person in WA to hold this certification

Technical Skills

Game Engines: Unity
Languages: C#, C, Java, UnityScript
Programming Topics: Object-oriented programming, S.O.L.I.D. principles, data injection, dependency injection, inheritance, composition, generics, delegates, events, LINQ, lambda, garbage collection, serialization/deserialization, Test-Driven Development
Unity Development Topics: Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, UI, animation, Mobile/Web/Windows deployment, graphics and code optimisation, LMS integration, AssetBundles, Profiler, editor scripting, multiplayer, in-app purchases
IDEs/Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, ReSharper
Version Control: TortoiseSVN, GIT, SourceTree, Bitbucket
Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, GearVR, LeapMotion
Augmented Reality: Apple ARKit
3D Software: Autodesk 3ds Max
2D Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
Video/VFX Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Non-Technical Skills

Project management, client liaison, QA management, process/workflow standardisation, technical writing and documentation, marketing, competitor and market research, Agile methodology, JIRA, Slack, Trello

Shipped VR/AR Experiences

      • First Aid Skills VR/Mobile Experience – St John Ambulance WA – HTC Vive Pro, iOS, Android (Lead VR/AR Developer)
      • Bonsai AR Weather App – VoyantAR – Apple ARKit (Sole AR Developer)
      • (Undisclosed VR App for surgery patient recovery and pain reduction) – Surgical Realities – GearVR (Sole VR Developer)

Shipped Games

      • 7 Kings Slots Quest – Tap Slots – Android, iOS, Amazon (Gameplay Engineer)

Shipped Client Projects

      • Rio Tinto – Operations – Interactive 3D Training Modules (x3) (Project Manager and Lead Developer)
      • Rio Tinto – Driverless Trains – Interactive 3D Training Modules (x2) (Project Manager and Lead Developer)
      • Rio Tinto – Driverless Trains – eLearning Training Modules (x3) (Project Manager and eLearning Developer)
      • Rio Tinto – Driverless Trains – Work Management Sys (UI Developer)
      • Rio Tinto – Risk Management – eLearning Training Modules (eLearning Developer)
      • Rio Tinto – High Voltage – eLearning Training Modules (eLearning Developer)
      • Woodside – Working at Heights VR – Interactive Virtual Reality Training Module (Developer)
      • Woodside – Isolations – Interactive 3D Training Module (Lead Developer)
      • Woodside – Oil and Gas Game – Interactive 3D Education Module (Developer)
      • Woodside – Hazardous Chemicals – Interactive 3D Training Module (Project Manager and Lead Developer)
      • Woodside – Gas Plant Heat Stress – Interactive 3D Training Module (Project Manager and Lead Developer)
      • Woodside – Heat Stress – Interactive 3D Training Module (Project Manager and Lead Developer) (Platinum Award Winner – LearnX Foundation)
      • Woodside – Browse Induction – Interactive 3D Training Module (Project Manager and Lead Developer)
      • CSBP – Plant – Interactive 3D Training Module (Lead Developer)
      • LogiCamms – Stockyard Visualisation – Real and Historical Time 3D Data Visualisation (UI Developer)
      • Calibre – Permit to Work – Interactive 3D Training Module (Developer)
      • Loy Yang – Stacker Simulator – Real Time 3D Simulator (Developer)
      • Orica – Pre-Start Checks – Interactive 3D Training Module (UI Developer)
      • Chubb – CCTV Planning – Interactive 3D Planning Tool (Project Manager and Lead Developer)