Hello! My name is Camille Woodthorpe (Hein).

I’m a multi-skilled developer from Perth, Western Australia, with a strong interest in both the artistic and technical aspects of development.

I strive to improve my range of skills through both professional and personal projects, and have 8 years of professional experience developing interactive 3D training, games and virtual reality using the Unity game engine (C#).

Currently I am working full-time for St John Ambulance (WA), as the Lead VR/AR Developer for their digital first aid experiences.

I also actively seek to mentor and encourage interest in STEM fields.

In my spare time I enjoy geeking out over science fiction/fantasy and space, and learning Krav Maga and martial arts.

Here you can have a look at my résumé, my professional portfolio and my personal portfolio.

If you’d like to have a chat about potential job opportunities, my work, or just to discuss geeky things with me, please get in touch.